Mission Statement!

Plain and simple. I am all about Jesus Christ. Since I have opened my heart and accepted Him as Lord and Savior, my life has been completely, totally, and unexpectedly changed. The life I’ve lived for the past three years is one I never dreamed for myself. I didn’t even know it was possible. I married my best friend, moved to Germany because of his job, got pregnant with boy/girl twins (who are 3 months today, in fact!) and daily, we have all of our needs supplied. This new-found journey has given me the confidence I didn’t have before. It has also given me love, joy, wisdom, and of course peace. These virtues embody the concept of which my personal life, name, career and blog are built upon.

My creative interests started at a very young age. I was reading well by my 3rd birthday, began reciting poetry for my aunt’s plays, who was a high school English and theater teacher. Soon, I discovered my gift of song and joined choir at church and school. Around the age of 14, I began using poetry as an outlet for my thoughts I felt I didn’t know how to express to others. Since then I have been hooked to a pen and pad. My newest creative pastime is something I call ‘WordArt’. They are sketches or block lettering of some of my favorite scriptures and quotes. I really hope to do more of these and perfect my drawing skills, however these are very time-consuming. I pray to have more time to dedicate to not only WordArt but “Get A Peace of Mynd” as a whole!

Following my passion for being vocal and expressive, blogging seemed like the natural next step. It’s a great way to get your ideas in a very public and easily accessible setting. I must to admit, I’ve always had a burning desire to get my message across with freedom- no restrictions, no conforming to others agendas or comfort zones. The hard part was figuring out what I wanted to say and how. How do I get my “story” across in a relevant, mature and original way? Gradually, I realized these things take time. You just have to jump in there, take risks, and see your growth through consistency!

My aim is to touch souls. Not just the heart or mind- the soul. Because when you touch souls you leave an imprint on a person. Their journey is enlighten because of you. They receive confirmation and understanding that help them make good life choices based on sound judgement. Now, don’t get me wrong… I DO NOT and never will have all the answers. But maybe we can answer some of life’s questions together through knowledge of the Word, diligent prayer, and opening our lives the goodness God has for us.

Poetry is the biggest category on ‘Get A Peace of Mynd’ because it is the most natural for me to produce. However, I want to evolve my writing skills- so I challenge myself to write other things. Book reviews, Thoughts, 5 Steps, and Friday Finds are examples of how I want to enhance my writing skills as my style, voice, and storytelling improve and focus. Follow me on my adventure to professional writing and singing for the Lord!


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