Weekly Word


No doubt, it can be one of the hardest things to do. Yet, it is among the most rewarding and necessary actions.  It’s funny how accomplishing the more complicated tasks in life, end up allowing us more peace.

There are three types of people who we need to ask forgiveness from and receive it: God, ourselves and others. When you ask these parties for their forgiveness, you also have to be willing and able to accept it, by learning from the grievance, letting go, and moving forward.

The same goes when someone is in need of your forgiveness. You must learn from the situation, let go of it, and move on. However, the concept of forgiving others seems to be the most inconvenient aspect of it all. When someone has wronged us, it is difficult to get past the hurt and see the bigger picture on the cycle of forgiveness. Because, undoubtedly, we too will need someone to forgive us.

Forgiving ourselves is often hard as well. When we cut someone deep, especially a loved one, we need their forgiveness as well as our own. Even after someone has forgiven us, we may still deal with the side effects of our mistake. It is all too important to get to a place where we can accept our own apology.

The only blameless individual to walk this Earth, is Jesus Christ. He never needs our forgiveness but we always need His. Therefore, it is essential to forgive in each and every circumstance, so you too can receive the blessing of forgiveness back.

Who doesn’t want the peace and resolution of forgiveness in their life? It is a many- fold system.


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