Today I went Black Friday shopping in Germany. It was interesting. There were sales, but not quite like how the States are.

Upon, leaving the Mobelhof (which is like Ikea) I headed to get a donerkapab, (a sandwich burger, so good!) and was waiting to get my meal when a young woman came up to me and speaking quick German. I had no idea what she was saying but I could tell she needed something. The only word I could recognize from her was “zwei”, which means two in English. Initially. I told her I didn’t know what she was saying and that I couldn’t help her. Then my was food was ready so I laid the change on the counter, grabbed my food, and walked away, swiftly (it’s very cold) to my truck.

Next thing I knew the same young lady was at my side. I can’t lie I was shocked and  immediately became concerned about my safety. She kept talking to me, pleading that I would listen to her. Although I couldn’t understand a word of what she was saying, I knew she was in need. Again I said I couldn’t help her, but then I remembered I grabbed extra Euro out my bag because I wasn’t sure how much the doner was.

As we made it to my car I turned around and she fell her knees and threw her hands up in prayer, I was stunned. Didn’t she know only God/Jesus deserved this type of credit?? I became embarrassed and told her to please get up as I handed her the 5 euro bill. I could tell she said thank you over and over again. I told her, “God bless.”  Then she started looking in my car and was pointing to my doner. I think she was asking for more but I didn’t have it.

I pointed to the cash I had just gave her and told her, “Look, get food with this.” I think she understood. She shook her head and walked away swiftly.

I started my truck and headed home. It had all happened so fast I was still processing the event as I drove away. Could I have done more? Did I make the right decisions? I know God sees all, so did I please Him? I hope the answer is yes!

As we move forward into the Holidays, remember this is ‘the time of giving’. No matter what culture, race, language, or religion someone is, this is a reminder that we all need love. Let us not forget to LOVE! I admit, I had become so wrapped up in my own world for a while that although I prayed for the homeless and hungry, I forgot what it was like to give to them.

My prayer is that we ALWAYS have Thanksgiving. A day of it is not enough, everyday should be as beautiful, bountiful, and grateful. And as Christmas rolls around we should remember all Christ has done for us and celebrate His birth with love for one another.

The book of proverbs in the Bible tells us many things about giving. For instance, Chapter 3:27, 22:9, and 28:7, tells us so. Thank God for his Word, and Thank Jesus for His sacrifice.



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