Reflection Inspection

Getting to know myself better

The ins and outs of my personal being.

The one I see when I look in the mirror

Will be loved, including her insecurities.

This means time alone.

Far away from the hustle of life

Enjoying my natural skin tone.

Whether its dark, brown, light, or white

Breaking free from the thing

Holding me back.

Spoke words of encouragement

And my spirit spoke them back.

True and simple.

Yet easy to deny and complex

I wanted to change my life’s ripple.

So I took the first step

Walked in newness

Gradually changed my thoughts.

Understood inferiority is useless

Why not boldly live for a cause ?

I used to think my reflection highlighted

Every blemish on my body.

But under further investigation I realized

It was my mirror(mind) that was spotty

*picture by Picasso “Girl in the Mirror”


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