Color Me

You found me in a black hole trapped

Surround me in the blanket you call Love

Make it a cocoon so tightly wrapped

I emerge a butterfly, the color of doves


Your forgiveness caught me by surprise

I wasn’t expecting such an easy acceptance

My past contrasted my future, then I realized

You are a God of second chances… and third chances


In this, I have have learned that leaves are green

Because you see the goodness in all things

And that the wind blows in clear mystery

Invisible, intangible, it carries Your victory

Imagine the glorious day I see your face

My every action highlights this inevitability

You have made a room in your kingdom place

In Your grace, there are a spectrum of possibilities


So, I can thank you until my lips turn blue

I can clap until my hands turn red

I can seek You from the depth of my golden eye’s hue

Or I can rejoice… because you rose with all Power in Your hands


You show your true colors after every storm

There is proof of a promise in rainbow form

Wonder and awe is in Your every move

And I thank You, for the beautiful colors You gave man to use.


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