Chronicle of Connection

Not from the ghetto but I have a story to tell

Been through the streets, seen the tears that fell

Witnessed glory & struggle

Beaches & jungles

I’ve walked the road of broken homes

… lived in one too

Felt the rush of St. Louis blues

While singing that old school tune

My tear drops

Are an unopened mailbox

Full or secrets, letters, & unpaid bills

Cluttered, cramped & confused

Waiting to be unsealed

I have counted my blessings

…wished on a shooting star

Sometimes emotional survival is difficult

That’s when I fiddle my guitar

I may not be from the hood

But I’ve been misunderstood, So I can relate

Our sacrifice & compromise is justified

Just take a moment to live our lives

& there will be no debate

If you manage to break down these walls I’ve built

You would find a beautiful soul

Naive, virgin, precious

… but this world is so cold

Maybe I’m not the girl who lives down the block

But I’m just like you

I wish for a happy ending too

I’ve been joyous, excited, proud and confused

So when you feel like no one sees you

Remember these words

I am you, you are me

From my heart to yours

We are one!


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