Goodbye 2011

2011: The year that I made the most serious and significant changes in my life, ever. This year started with me being in a long term relationship with the potential love of my life, working in the mall, and unfortunately still deep in sin. I was confused about my future and not really sure how to make the next phase of my life happen. After a few months of highs and lows and much prayer, in May I decided to get baptized and give my life to Christ. Honestly, since May 1st my life has truly changed. More than anything I have a new mentality. I used to feel defeated and that the world was against me. In the Bible it reads “… Be renewed by a transformed mind.” My life is a testimony to how different this human experience can be if you just decide that today is going to be different. You know what? Today I win! Today I have the victory! Today I am blessed!

I have not looked back.

This summer I got the chance to return to school and continue my education. I was so happy to be back in the learning environment. I had a great semester but unfortunately due to a situation with my loan company I have not been able to return since that semster. However, I will get my degree. One day I will walk across that stage ready to be acknowledged for all my hard work. My goal is to graduate magna or suma kum laude. A double major would be kool too. I gotta do it big!

This year I have had many UPS and downs but since my baptismal life had been different in a way that is easy yet hard to explain. I love my family, friends, and neighbors just a little bit harder. I take into consideration how others feel. I am more generous. What can I do to help you? But please don’t take my kindness for weakness. I have learned how to have a balance as you have to do with most things in life.

As I blog this entry I am on the bus headed to New York City for New Years with my best friend Jasmine and two others. Actually we just entered the city! Hopefully this new AWESOME life experience is just a snippetsof what this year and all the years to come have in store for me!! Life is good. God is good. I am blessed.


Be content & blessed, never settle



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