Hello world!

This is my very first post to wordpress.com. I discovered this site through my good friend Jasmine who is a PR major at NC A&T. Thanks for the helping me find this great site to post my thoughts & poems, an avenue to further show the world what they have been missing! I cannot say I have always had the courage to share my material with a wide audience but lately there has been a gnawing inside me that won’t subside. As stated in my ‘About Me’ column I have been learning & reciting poetry from a young age. I come from a pretty large family in Illinois and my Aunt Dia (an English teacher) would always have us younger kids learn poetry and recite it for the family during gatherings and cookouts. I immediately took the words to heart and loved performing and learning newer, harder poems. Ever since then I have been a dear lover of the performing arts and in the 15 years I have been involved there has not been a 6 month span where I was not somehow involved in a production, concert, play, or pursuing a career in the music industry.

I love reading books, I will lose sleep to read a good book. They draw me in, help me escape my world for a while and show me what its like to be in someone else’s shoes. I belive books have made me a well-rounded person. That might sound a little crazy but I have read so many books written in various times periods, set in various worlds, intended for various audiences that the knowledge I have gained has helped me to see the world in a light that I don’t think most of my peers see it in. I am blessed for this. Reading has, with out a doubt, contributed heavily to my passion for writing. Observing the way great authors can transform a sentence that could say, “He walked a long way to school everyday, but he loved school.” to something that may say, “His undaunted footsteps carried him day after day to his first love, school.” That may not be much of a difference or even the best example but I think you get my point.

I LOVE WORDS!  I choose them carefully when I speak. Sometimes I talk too fast but thats because my mind has an overflow of thoughts and I’m afraid if I dont spill them out I may lose them forever. But, thats only when I’m talking to a good friend, someone who knows how to glue all the pieces together. Talking is therapy for me. I can usually solve my problems by verbalizing the situation and think my way through the ordeal. Sometimes, I’m the kind of person who only speaks when spoken to and I can be a little shy but I am definitely not afraid to speak my mind or ask a question. Knowledge is power!

Enjoy my blogs, poems, and pictures along the way. I know everyone will not like everything, but I am grateful for that. Have your opinion, I have mine! Never be afraid to leave a comment and help me see from your point of view. I intend to grow! Be content, but never settle….  JenissePeace


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